SiDi will Move to UT-Austin in Fall 2021

I’m very excited to share with you, my friends and colleagues, that I’ll be joining The University of Texas at Austin this coming fall in the J. Mike Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering! I see the new opportunities and challenges ahead of me, and I very much look forward to collaborating with you in my future endeavors. Meanwhile, I am extremely grateful to all my colleagues at The University of Arkansas who have provided tremendous support to me during the last four years. The experience in the mechanical engineering department at UARK provided me with a unique opportunity to prepare myself as an educator and create my own identity as an independent researcher in design science and system science. I will miss you all!

Paper Published on Journal of Mechanical Design

Our paper titled “Resource-Constrained Scheduling for Multi-Robot Cooperative Three-Dimensional Printing” is now published on the July issue of Journal of Mechanical Design – a Special Issue on Design Engineering in the Age of Industry 4.0. The preprint can be downloaded HERE.

Quoted from the Guest Editorial of this special issue “The coordination of autonomous resources within a smart manufacturing enterprise is an important enabler for Industry 4.0. Decentralized cooperative manufacturing for 3D printing results in increased throughput and efficiency but poses new coordination challenges. To address these challenges, Poudel et al. presented a method for scheduling multi-robot cooperative 3D printing in their paper titled “Resource-Constrained Scheduling for Multi-Robot Cooperative Three-Dimensional Printing.” The authors demonstrated the algorithms using different geometrical shapes.”