Awarded Provost’s Collaborative Research Grants

We are awarded the Provost’s Collaborative Research Grants by Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Enhancement at the University of Arkansas (UA). The Provost’s Collaborative Research Grants are intended to help faculty with cross-disciplinary research and scholarly production, and promote collaboration between two or more researchers.

In this research project, we will team up with Professor Dinesh Gauri from the Department of Marketing at the UA to investigate How enterprises’ pricing strategies and design decisions together influence customers’ choice behaviors under the multi-competitor market scenario? Our research objective is to develop a data-driven game-theoretic framework that integrates demand forecasting from market perspective and design strategy forecasting from engineering perspective in support of enterprise decision-making. Dinesh Gauri is a Professor of Marketing and Wal-Mart Chair in Marketing and Executive Director of Retail Information at Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. See more introduction on our Research Project page.