Awarded 2018 ERISF Grant

We are selected to be the awardee of the 2018 Engineering Research and Innovation Seed Funding (ERISF) by the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas (UA). “The overarching goal of the ERISF program is to assist engineering researchers in developing new innovative research programs that have strong potential for significant future support from government agencies, corporations, industry, consortia, or foundations.

The primary research objective of this interdisciplinary research is to significantly increase the scale of network modeling and analysis using GPU platform in supporting complex systems design. To achieve this objective, we will design new parallel and scalable methodologies with the ambition of manipulating and analyzing large-scale graphs (of millions of nodes) on GPU computer clusters in minutes. This project will be carried out through a collaborative effort with  Dr. Miaoqing Huang from the Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering at the UA.