Design Challenge 2018 – Call for Participation

The design challenge is coming! The System Integration and Design Informatics (SiDi) Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering will conduct another round of the design challenge on solar systems design. This semester, the topic is Solarize Our UARK Parking Lots. You can get rewards by participation and you can get bonus rewards based on the quality of your final design. Minimum earning of $15 is guaranteed if you finish the complete session of the design challenge.

Multiple dates and times are available and you can make a selection on the registration page The upcoming three sessions will be held on Apr. 25th, 26th and 27th, 2-4pm at MEEG 228. For detailed information, please see the flyer. Note: If you would like to take the challenge at a different time, just indicate your available time slots on the registration page, and we will run a special session just for YOU.

You are eligible to participate in this challenge if you are over 18 years old. No experience in design is needed. So come to join this exciting challenge and get rewards! We look forward to seeing you!