A Fun and Great Outreach Activity – Engineering Summer Academy

On July 23rd, SiDi Lab was invited to host two sessions of engineering systems design challenges for a group of 40 high school students by collaborating with the Assistant Director of the college’s Outreach and Summer Programs, Dr. Amy Warren. This is a fun and high-impact outreach activity and a great demonstration of SiDi research and its implication to K-12 education. These students came from different states national-wide and participated in UARK’s Engineering Summer Academy program. There are four interdisciplinary tracks, including Living systems, Non-Living Systems, Modeling and Simulation, and Function and Structure. SiDi held a half-day event for the track of Modeling and Simulation, and half day for the track of Non-Living System with an extended version of the solar energy system design challenge. See media coverage on this event here for more details.