Autonomous and Cooperative Digital Manufacturing

SiDi Lab has been working with AM3 Lab directed by Dr. Wenchao Zhou on developing the next-generation digital manufacturing systems through an integration of theories from swarm robotics, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and computer vision.  Our PhD student Laxmi Poudel will be in Quebec City next week to present our project on The ASME 2018 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference.

A group of mobile 3D printing robots are working autonomously and cooperatively to print a map of Arkansas State.

Invited Visit to The Concord Consortium

Dr, Sha was invited by Dr. Charles Xie, the Senior Scientist from the Concord Consortium, and visited the CC from August 2-9. Dr. Sha introduced the current research projects of SiDi Lab to Dr. Xie, the President & CEO Mr. Chad Dorsey, and many other research staffs at the CC. Particularly, Dr. Sha introduced the project of Mining and Modeling Engineering Design Thinking Using Big Data Analytics, which has been conducted based on Energy3D – a smart CAD tool of renewable energy systems design invented by Dr. Xie. This visit has resulted in fruitful outcomes, including identification of future forms of collaboration, joint projects, new research proposal ideas and students co-advising mechanism. SiDi is very much looking forward a new year of success in collaborating with the CC. IMG_6344