Two Graduate Students Graduated This Summer

It is special summer season for me this year. Not only I am closing my chapter at the University of Arkansas and start a new chapter at the University of Texas at Austin, both both my first PhD student, Laxmi Poudel and my first Master student Jared Pow both graduated this summer. Congratulations, Laxmi and Jared!

Laxmi’s research is focused on cooperative 3D printing and scheduling. His research has laid down the foundation for the realization of the swarm manufacturing of the future. In his dissertation, Laxmi developed the computational frameworks that enables the key technologies for task division, manufacturing scheduling, and multi-robot path planning in cooperative 3D printing. Check his dissertation HERE for more detail.

Jared’s research is focused on computer vision of thermal imaging. Particularly, his Master thesis contributed the knowledge in understanding the limitation and advantages for material detection using thermal imaging, compared to traditional computer vision techniques that heavily rely on RGM images. Jared is now working at L3 Technologies as a Mechanical and Testing Engineer. Check his Master defense presentation below and the thesis HERE for more detail.

It was a great memory working with both talented students and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors!