SiDi Research on Cooperative 3D Printing is Highlighted by Media

Our research on cooperative 3D printing, especially our recent efforts on developing a new computational framework for automatically generating scheduling strategies of coordinating a swarm of printing robots was recently highlighted by Research Frontiers at the University of Arkansas. This project is collaborated with Dr. Wenchao Zhou from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the UA and the startup company AMBOTS. Please see SiDi Publication and our previous post for details. The work has been also highlighted in several mainstream media of 3D printing industry, such as,, and all3dp. It was also recently listed as one of the five coolest things on the earth in the fourth week of May by GE reports.

SiDi Received Seed Grant for Initiating Industrial Collaboration

SiDi Lab recently received a seed grant for initiating an industrial collaboration with Ford Motor Company. This grant is awarded by the Office of Research & Innovation at the University of Arkansas. We will collaborate with Ford Global Data, Insight & Analytics (GDIA) to establish a novel approach to modeling customer choice behaviors in electric vehicle (EV) market based on network theory. Particularly, we will investigate how well the network model performs in predicting customers’ choices in EV market as compared to existing choice modeling techniques, such as the Discrete Choice Model. 

Colin Corcoran Received A Scholarship from a Grant Sponsored by the NSF

Congratulations to senior mechanical engineering student, Colin Corcoran, for being selected as the recipient of the Student Integrated Intern Research Experience (SIIRE) Scholarship. This scholarship is sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), and is designed to support students who are interested in pursuing research in academia and allows for students to spend more of their time working towards a research related goal.

Corcoran said, “I am honored to receive the National Science Foundation Student Integrated Intern Research Experience scholarship because it validates the work and progress of my research project. I have been working on the project for the past six months under the guidance of Dr. Sha and receiving the scholarship verifies not only that Dr. Sha values my work but also other professors around campus also value the time and effort I have put in to the project.”

Colin has been working in SiDi lab, as a research assistant, on the project related to better understanding the spatial heterogeneity of customer preferences and behaviors  in community-based digital manufacturing systems, such as the

SiDi Lab is Awarded by NSF to Research Human Sequential Decisions in Engineering Design

SiDi Lab recently received the EArly-concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conduct fundamental research into sequential decision making in engineering systems design. The primary objective of this high-risk high-reward project is to create and demonstrate a research approach centered on the acquisition and analysis of fine-grained design activity data for design research. The approach is based on an open-source research experiment platform extended from an existing computer-aided design (CAD) software, Energy3D, for renewable energy systems design. The subawardee, Dr. Charles Xie, from Concord Consortium will collaborate with Dr. Sha to 1) extend Energy3D to incorporate functionality required for a research platform, 2) demonstrate use of the new research platform to support the acquisition of fine-grained data from real-world design exercises, and 3) disseminate the platform within the engineering design research community through publications and tutorials. The research study will highlight how fine-grained data enables new research directions on sequential decision-making and system thinking, two fundamental elements of engineering design thinking. See the NSF website for more details about this project.